1. Marina


    Everyone made a mermaid look ever since PIDIDDLE released the sea maiden bra for Zodiac. so, i made one too. the bra is really pretty with 3 beautiful colors to choose from and very affordable. no wonder, It’s such a popular item at Zodiac. 

    Aquarius is this month astrology sign and still waiting for Taurus! hope it’s going to happen really soon cos I’m ready to spend, spend spend!


    Bra:  PIDIDDLE - ” Sea Maiden Bra (warm waters)  @ Zodiac “
    Hair: Cheveux - ” F014 special color NOT mesh (LuckyBoard)
    Skin: Tsg - ” Marina dec grp gift (fee 350L)
    Wreath:  WEG - ” Le Jarin de la fille (Grp Gift)
    Scales: Tailesins Tails # 15
    Pose: Del May
    Location: Crossing Current

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