1. Let’s Get Mad


    I used to play angry birds on my galaxy tab with my boyfriend (now Ex) and I was very happy to find out that an outfit inspired by the game is available in-world. the bird on my head makes a sound every time you walk. the hoodie and the pants are both mesh. everything included Only L$99!

    TP to NS Store


    Outfit: NS Store - ” Angry Birds MESH Outfit (Set) “

    Hair: Wasabi Pills - “Kumi Mesh Hair (part of hair color changed due to windlights)”

    Eyes: Ikon - ” Sunrise Eyes (Light Blue) “

    Lipstick: tsg - ” Red Lipstick “

    Pose: Focus Poses - ” Urban Fence (comes with scenery) “

    Place: Tochigi Japan Cybercity

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